Building Zone’s panelization methods are a solid solution to reducing and eliminating the hazards workmen experience in the construction industry.  An educational presentation for construction professionals highlighting The Extended Shear Tab Connection (AISC Approved), which enables the safer and more efficient panelization construction method to be utilized.

The Digi-key distribution center in Minnesota came with unique challenges.  At a roof height of eighty feet, made it the tallest and most complex warehouse building constructed by us.  Challenges with the subgrade, steel supply shortages, and a steady stream of change orders created a unique set of obstacles from the outset.  With endurance and perseverance, our team completed the shell in relatively fair weather, proving that our top down construction method to be superior; enabling construction to be continued throughout the severe Minnesota winter.

With the Digi-key warehouse fully enclosed, we implemented our newly introduced telehandler attachment, the Mezzmaster, which enabled us to forego traditional erection methods and panelize all mezzanine floor levels, completing the majority of the structure in comfortable temperatures, in record time, and with sub-zero temperatures swirling outside.

At Project Wildcat, in the heat of the Arizona desert in Tucson, the debut of our newest specialized telehandler attachment, the MezzMaster, enabled the complete panelization of all Mezzanine floors, breaking all records previously set by standard erection methods.

Watch never before seen MezzMaster onsite demonstrations in Spanish Fork UT.  The Mezzmaster telehandler jib demonstrated the newest innovative construction method: Panelize roof joists in the same manner as we panelize mezzanine floor levels.  No crane needed..

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