Project Description

Steel Supplier:   Prospect Steel

General Contractor:  Ryan Companies
Location:   Tucson, Arizona
Square Footage: 1.4 Million
Year Completed:   2018

Project Wildcat sets an exciting new benchmark for BZI!  Teamed up with Prospect Steel and Ryan Companies, we began work in the first week of August 2018 and reached substantial completion in the 3rd week of December. Project Wildcat, with its footprint of 855K SF and 1.4M SF of Mezzanine inside, it is the first project to use the Mezzmaster system, and is the first mezz project to be completed by BZI. The team did a remarkable job of adapting to this new structure type, implementing new processes for bolting, stud welding, and material handling. At Wildcat, the mezz erection team was determined to test the capacity of the mezzmaster system and set 181 panels in a 16hr shift – that’s approximately 135,000 sf!