New RTV-200 Introduced

The Roof Top Vehicle has been completely re-engineered from the ground up and comes with an array of sensors and safety features making it a sophisticated and specialized complement to the Innovatech Panelization Equipment line-up.  It allows greater access, range of motion, and shortened travel time intervals for rooftop joist weld working.


“We’re aiming to weld joists connections at a faster pace than we were able to do with the old RTV design, and be on the roof for less time than ever before.” says Joseph Jessop, project manager for Building Zone.  “We should be able to catch up with the panel crew quickly, as soon as we receive the final safety inspection.”


Moving from an electrical motor and cable system to an advanced electro-hydraulic drive and motion will improve equipment reliability and safety four-fold.  A lighter, more versatile design enables the operator of the RTV-200 to work at maximum speed, safety, and efficiency. As an example, one worker should be able to complete 15,000 joist connections in less than two weeks.


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